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        Industry News

        • RFID Ear Tags

          RFID ear tags use RFID technology to identify and measure the characteristics of animals over long distances. The working principle of the RFID electronic ear tag is built-in chip and antenna, which carries the individual information of each animal, and belongs to the personal identification card...
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        • RFID Logistics Label

          At present, China’s logistics industry is in a period of rapid development. The number of logistics companies is also increasing. How to manage the huge logistics system has brought great challenges to traditional logistics companies. The timeliness of information transmission is the key to...
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        • Proximity Card

          Proximity card application Proximity?card is a technology developed in recent years. It successfully combines RF technology and IC card technology. It is a non-contact IC card with no exposed chip on the surface. It is waterproof, antistatic and not easy to bend. Features, can be used both positi...
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        • Jewelry Labels

          The role of jewelry labels: I believe that when buying jewelry, you will notice that each piece of jewelry will be tied with a small label with the name, price and origin of the jewelry. Some jewelry labels will have a bar code on the back. Like all labels, jewelry labels are also a display of je...
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        • UHF RFID card

          Technical advantages of UHF RFID card: The UHF RFID card has an ultra-thin soft film base layer that is lightweight and compact. There is also a UHF RFID card that has a long service life and is economical to use for large-scale use. The card reading speed is fast, and supports long-distance reco...
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        • RFID Hotel Key Card

          Advantages of RFID hotel key card: Nowadays, the development of key and door lock technology is more and more advanced. Nowadays, many hotel door locks are facing the new trend of technology development, using RFID, which is radio frequency identification technology. Therefore, only need an RFID ...
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        • UHF RFID Windshield Label

          Features of UHF RFID windshield label: UHF RFID windshield labels enable long-distance identification and long data storage life. UHF RFID windshield labels are good at blocking UV and high temperature resistance. And has a good anti-tear function. In addition, the UHF RFID windshield label has h...
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        • RFID Ear Tag

          System features of RFID ear tag: RFID ear tags are animal electronic tags that use RFID technology to individually identify animals. It uses a fully automatic identification technology, which enables the animal identity code, so that quarantine personnel can easily obtain the relevant state of th...
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        • Jewelry tags

          Jewelry tags introduction: Due to the special nature of the material, it is waterproof, scratch-resistant, wear-resistant, etc. It is widely used in the counter display of jewellery, improving the grade of products, and also used in different industries such as watches, glasses and so on. Classif...
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        • Book Tag

          Book Tag Description: The Book Tag is used to inscribe the title of the book. It is usually attached to the upper left corner of the cover. Generally, there will be a book and the name of the inscription and the place where the mark is read. The sheet of the book is recorded in the book. With the...
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        • RFID Bin Tag for Garbage and Waste Management

          RFID Bin Tag for Garbage and Waste Management

          The use of garbage can not only provide people with a clean and healthy living environment, but also recycle paper, glass, scrap metal, plastic renewable resources, and facilitate the disposal of toxic substances. However, due to the large population and the heavy workload of clearing roadside ga...
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        • The smallest rfid tag for jewelry

          The smallest rfid tag for jewelry

          SUNLANRFID? announced availability of?OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) for?jewelry industry’s??rfid tag, designed to automatic Jewelry tracking in retail, wholesale, or secured storage applications.? This RFID oem tags enable entire trays of tagged jewelry to be simultaneously scanned into a...
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