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        • Application of Rfid tags

          Application of Rfid tags

          Libraries use RFID tags extensively to protect their inventory and RFID tags, allowing people to use self-checkout machines. When you use one of the machines to check books in or out of the library, you may want to know how to know which books you borrowed without having to scan the barcode. The ...
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        • Trustech French exhibition closed successfully

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        • RFID Tags have play a good role in our life

          RFID Tags have play a good role in our life

          RFID label or?rfid tags, we call it like that both of them is the same thing. Here we call it?rfid tags. I don’t konw whether people all know its structure or what it make up. RFID tags can be either passive, active or battery-assisted passive. An active tag has an on-board battery and peri...
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        • Why should you consider to choose PVC cards?

          Why should you consider to choose PVC cards?

          ? We all know the essentiality of having cards. Be it any type of cards it required to work for long term. In such occurrence, PVC cards are the superlative type of card which is provided with various features. Amongst various material PVC alone suits well for multiple types of cards like ID...
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        • RFID Laundry Label

          Under the background of the Internet of Things, RFID technology continues to evolve, and the popularity of RFID technology in various industries will be the future development trend. In the washing industry, RFID laundry labels are an ideal label management for laundry, hotel linen and other wash...
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        • PVC Prepaid Card

          The PVC prepaid card is a “prepaid, post-consumer” card made of PVC material. Today, China has become one of the largest consumer markets in the world. In the process of stimulating market vitality and tapping the potential of consumption, prepaid consumption has played a significant ...
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        • RFID Ear Tags

          RFID ear tags use RFID technology to identify and measure the characteristics of animals over long distances. The working principle of the RFID electronic ear tag is built-in chip and antenna, which carries the individual information of each animal, and belongs to the personal identification card...
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        • WELCOME TO TRUSTECH 2019

          WELCOME TO TRUSTECH 2019

          2019 RFID TRUSTECH ? Dear Clients, We will be glad to meet you at 2019 RFID TRUSTECH?! Show Dates: NOV.26-28th,2018(TUE-THU) Our Booth #:RIV?019 Address:?CANNES, FRENCH RIVIERA ? We will show our lastest RFID products,expect to meet you there!Thank you ? SUNLANRFID
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        • RFID Logistics Label

          At present, China’s logistics industry is in a period of rapid development. The number of logistics companies is also increasing. How to manage the huge logistics system has brought great challenges to traditional logistics companies. The timeliness of information transmission is the key to...
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        • latalata Card

          Proximity card application Proximity?card is a technology developed in recent years. It successfully combines RF technology and IC card technology. It is a non-contact IC card with no exposed chip on the surface. It is waterproof, antistatic and not easy to bend. Features, can be used both positi...
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        • Why do UHF RFID passive tags not always work on metal?

          Why do UHF RFID passive tags not always work on metal?

          Generally speaking, passive UHF tags are tuned for mounting and use on dielectric material (non-conductive) such as cardboard, non-carbon plastic and general non-metallic surfaces typical in the supply chain industry. When used on or in proximity of a metal or metallic dielectric equivalent surf...
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        • asoa igoa

          The role of jewelry labels: I believe that when buying jewelry, you will notice that each piece of jewelry will be tied with a small label with the name, price and origin of the jewelry. Some jewelry labels will have a bar code on the back. Like all labels, jewelry labels are also a display of je...
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